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Memory foam mattresses were first introduced in 1966 under a contract by NASA to improve the safety measures in aircraft. Soon these temperature sensitive memory foam was called as “Slow spring back foam” and then of course, “Temper foam”. The foam took time to get to its original form once used by someone.


NASA also started its use in medical equipments like X-ray table pads, sports equipments and football helmets. And in 1988, foam was released to the public domain. This is when the foam was used for patients bed to lie them immobile and for an unhealthy period of time. The foams apparently reduced severe symptoms such as acute pain in body and especially the lower back.


Hospitals used the material in beds, pillows, wheelchairs and blankets. The warmth in the material would reduce the pain of patients specially the neck problems. But soon people released that the mattresses were not good for health as well as it could lead to severe health problems in long time use. On the other hand, innerspring mattresses are build up using too many steel springs. You can read more about Innerspring Mattress here.


So, now when we know what exactly memory foam mattresses were, we are going to discuss a few of the major health risks of foam mattresses.


The major risk of memory foam mattresses

1. Sleeping postures

Sleeping postures is one of the most important thing to care about. If your sleeping posture is not right, it can lead to major joint pains and lack of sleep (Insomnia). Once landed on Memory foam mattresses, it is difficult to change your position, as the mattress adjust to your position automatically and it becomes difficult to change position.

2. Heat leads to sweat


Getting warm in bed is good for a nice perfect sleep, whereas, if you heat up too fast and sweat in bed, it could affect your health. After getting up from the bed your body temperature and environment does not match which can lead to cold, fever and many other diseases.


3. Chemicals in the mattresses


The chemical compounds containing Phosphorus, antimony and Arsenic are added to these mattresses which interacts with fungus that grow in bed. This develops poisonous gages which people breathe while sleeping. In 1950s, there were many cases regarding baby death in the crib and on the mattress. The main reason of these earth was their inhaling these poisonous gases which led them to choke and finally heartattack.

4. Odour from mattresses



The smell from these mattresses that diffuses with the environment can take you to your death bed soon. These gases are really harmful. Earlier when the health issues were raised due to these mattresses, the government released a note for people to stop using them as well as if they want to use them, they need to be careful about fire and other interaction of mattresses and fire.

These mattresses are really harmful to youth, children and elderly people. No doubt, these mattress are not used anymore. One and the only reason these mattresses were used in hospitals was due to its warmth that cured patient’s pain across the body.